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together (we're growing stronger)

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Added on 7 September 2020

A song created during the difficult days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence, so to speak, that creative work can be done even when times are hard, when we become stronger together. “Together we’re growing stronger” is the first production and the first project of the b unplugged initiative. The creative brains behind b unplugged are Christoph Urech, Peter Fleischmann and Andreas Kühnrich. The idea for this initiative emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, when on the one hand there were companies that could only survive with the aid of government support, while others found dif- ferent niche markets and temporarily adapted their business models. On the other hand, it has become clear that creative artists have been hit particularly hard, and they urgently need support. The aim of b unplugged is an ambitious one. Companies, creative artists and private individuals are to continue wor- king together, networking, being connected, yet while staying independent. To this end, b unplugged is providing a platform on which companies and people can share ideas, support one another with suggestions, etc. As a young entrepreneur, Christoph Urech, co-initiator of b unplugged and company founder of acts, was already com- mitted to musical and artistic projects, alongside his busi- ness activities. “Creative people contribute to the quality of all our lives. That’s why it has always been important for me to accompany artists on their journey and to support them,” says Christoph Urech. With “Together we’re growing stronger”, he has done this at a difficult time and provided a creative counterpoint. www.bunplugged.ch
b unplugged
Year of creation
Pixar Beni Schafheitke
r&b, singer-songwriter, pop music, video clip

Credits and thanks

A production featuring:

Nyssina Singer

Pim Nieuwlands Composition / Production / Singer / Keyboard

Dave Feusi Saxophone

Andreas Kühnrich Cello

Samuel Bauer Remix

André Pousaz Mastering

Christoph Urech Supervisor

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