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Dreamsurfing (Animated Lyric Video)

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Added on 26 June 2020

I wrote this song in summer 2019, staying at the Dreamseasurfcamp in Cantabria, Spain. I met wonderful people, had some epic surf sessions (in summer!) and spent time just enjoying life, jamming with strangers who became friends, watching the sunset over the ocean... . This inspiring surrounding made it easy to write this song. It reflects on my deep love towards the sea and surfing, which has grown over the years.
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#dreamful, #dream, #chillout, #chill, #voice and guitar, #songwriter, #singersongwriter, #acoustic

Credits and thanks

Song written and performed by Dave Curl
Produced, mixed, and mastered by k.o. - recording arts.
Lyric Video by Saad Dennis.

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