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Out Of My Mind

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Added on 14 July 2020

When Sunsets Meet Horizons
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Navelis Music
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Sometimes people can get us so wrong. We live in a world full of dos and don’ts, what is socially acceptable and what’s not, what the perfect life is and what it isn’t. Out of My Mind plays on the words we’ve always been told. You may have been called a renegade, rebel, a masquerade, at times you may feel like that but you are so much more. You may love and lose, come and go, rise and fall, but you are strong. This song is our way of saying throw out the rule book and societal norms and walk confidently with your fist in the air. We’ve only got one life to live.

KHASMA brings you their new hit single ‘Out Of My Mind’ an anthem full of crisp bass lines and tantalising trumpet solos. Let the vocals surround you, get lost in the melody, and move.

43 plays