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Let It All Hang Out (Balkan Flip)

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Added on 6 November 2020

Let It All Hang Out (Balkan Flip) - Single
Year of creation
Wooden Hat Records
electro swing, edm, melbourne bounce, balkan beats, balkan brass

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"Let It All Hang Out (Balkan Flip)" by 11 Acorn Lane is an adventurous, genre-bending EDM record that mixes bold Balkan brass bits with high-energy elements from Electro Swing, Melbourne Bounce and even a Trap-inspired bridge to create one peppy, party piece. All instruments and vocals, including the featured clarinet and brass section, are performed by 11 Acorn Lane. 11 Acorn Lane are Neal Pawley who hails from Sheffield, England, and Thomas Feurer who hails from Zürich, Switzerland.

"Written by Neal Pawley and Thomas Feurer
Published by Gleadless Music and Wooden Hat Music
Arranged & produced by Neal Pawley and Thomas Feurer
Acoustic guitar, trombone, baritone horn, cornet, spoken word by Neal Pawley
Clarinet, keyboards, drum programming, spoken word by Thomas Feurer
Mixed & mastered by Thomas Feurer"""

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