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RyCamo feat. Trippz Michaud - End of World

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Added on 19 November 2020

End of World
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piano, bass, sad song, relax music, relaxing piano, space, floaty vocals, voice, lyrics, featuring, feat, end, chillout, newyork, world

Credits and thanks

Thanks to ma man Trippz Michaud for the Dope teamwork!!!!

I can feel the world ending
Even when it crashed we ain’t get the messsge
If you still here it’s a true blessing
But when everything’s gone it be like what happened
Of a world so beautiful, everything was new to you
Thought we had a standard of keeping things suitable
For everybody sake, this is more than we can even do
Cuz life’s hit a point of what’s left to lose

Always click snooze on our problems Every day we see the same outcomes
Our mind is something we aint out run
We falling further outta touch
self loath, so far from love
Never ever think to look above
People hurt you, then you push and shove
Let it go or do it just because

Now we flying off the planet
Ever wonder where our spaceship landed wish the pain would just vanish The worlds collapsing and we can’t handle it
But whose to blame when life is lost
Gave our time but theres more at cost
People say it but it’s more than It talk
Think we gotta turn this off

Our world destroyed but whose there to blame
Wish I had the answers, I know it’s a change
We ruined this world and I pray we come back
We pushed it too far and it’s time to change paths

People talking bout fake news
Think they need more break throughs
Life’s going man take 2
Time to shift Thats way true
I can’t do it for it like everybody
Gotta learn yourself, step away from parties
You saying change like a stupid zombie
Then you do it again, why you sayin sorry?
It’s time to end all the attitude
Time to add some more gratitude
For what you got and nots what’s to prove
Whose wrong? Maybe that’s you
I feel it deep it in my heart sometimes
Can’t come back when you cross the line
Can't relax when we’re outta time
The real truth that’s a lot of vibes

A way out that’s to climb
When something fall, something else should rise
Time to take off the damn disguise
Life is more than a 9 to 5
You hear the truth then you lost your mind
How you’ll ever the past behind
It’s not easy but you gotta try
Stand tall with some open eyes

I just wanna float away from the world let my mind free

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You're really got to enjoy your life!
Cuz you don't know when the end get really come!
Take this moment and make it joyes, and brace it!, Living!, Breathe in!, Aaah…!

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