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Hard Cuts

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Added on 5 October 2020


Have you ever been on a trail through the woods in the middle of winter, middle of the night, trail covered in glittering snow and above you, leafless treetops through which the moon shines? Hardly any song describes this feeling better than "Hard Cuts" by The Espionne. Here the synth is cutting like a cold north wind and the guitar is dry like the winter air! Nevertheless, the song manages to never seem cold or distant itself, but on the contrary to keep you warm like a little fire in the fireplace! Yes, this isn't about sunshine hours and yet the whole thing is as beautiful and unique as only a win-ter night can be.

Year of creation
Marco Schaffner

Credits and thanks

Camera & Postproduktion: Marco Schaffner
Music Produced & Mixed: Aaron Ahrends
Mastering: Dan Suter
Press Release: Jonas Walker

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