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Mountain of Dreams

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Added on 15 October 2020


Even before the PepperDreams project came to life, Mattia and Susanna wrote the song “Mountain of Dreams” together.
Now the song will be released as a third single, together with an enchanting music video.
Life is something very creative and unique. There is not a scheme of events or a preset pattern to follow, sometimes it can happen to find yourself lost in this fascinating path and be insecure about which is the right way to go. You have the feeling of not being in the right place and of being destined for something different.
The song “Mountain of Dreams” encourages you to give space to your passions and dreams. Mattia: “Only in this way will you have the pleasure and satisfaction of living your dream, your life. “If you have a passion, a goal or a dream that does not belong to the classic model of life that is painted by society, do not feel wrong, follow it and make it yours. Susanna from PepperDreams adds.
With an exciting sound and the beautiful voice of Susanna, “Mountain of Dreams” seduces and accompanies the listener in his most beautiful dreams of life.
The song “Mountain of Dreams” was produced by Jonas Macullo.

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