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Give Me Another (Acoustic Version)

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Added on 17 October 2020

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muve on! pop - distributed by Musikvertrieb AG
akustische gitarre, akustisch, acoustic

Credits and thanks

Natalyah is brightening up the gloom of autumn with her new single. “Give Me Another” (hour or two with you) reminds us of sun and fun. But Natalyah shot the video with her alumni team in London where she and the Scottish actor Lee Harris manage to capture a romantic but exciting story that unfolds across the business district of the Docklands, the former port area of ​​the British metropolis.

On the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where Natalyah was born and often resides, the lively Swiss artiste revels in the country’s hot rhythms, joie de vivre and diverse culture. Natalyah studied music in Zurich and the UK - giving her the necessary background and tools for her international career. Natalyah performs regularly on stage in Trinidad &Tobago, UK and Switzerland and is one of the few Swiss singers who has ever performed in the Hallenstadion.

Song Credits:
Written by Natalia Wohler, Natalyah
Music produced by Ben Mühlethaler and Roger Massimo, B-Note Entertainment

Music Video Credits:
Actor Lee Harris
Video directed, filmed and edited by Yulia Hauer

Sam Jenkins (dance footage to come soon)
Photographer Joseph Young, Trinis in London (photoshoot & backstage footage)
Manager Robi Maurer, Intermusic
Promoter Frank Lenggenhager, Lautstark
Label Muve Recordings, a division of Musikvertrieb AG


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