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Who Falls Asleep During The Day?

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Added on 28 November 2020

Don't Ask Why
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Belanu Music
marshallamps, vocals, drums, bass, guitar, multiinstrumentalist, debutalbum, newcomer, artist, poprock, young, new release, rock

Credits and thanks

Joël Gregorini aka Belanu - Composition, Arrangement, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Lukas Walther - Sound engineering, Recording, Programming, Mixing
Guido Daellenbach - Hammond organ on „I‘m Sure“
Daniel Durrer - Saxophone on „They Try“
Gianna Goldschmied - Cello on „They Try“
Mila Weibel - Backing vocal on „Whenever“
Taja Waibel - Backing vocal on „Don‘t Ask Why“

Photos by André Raul Surace

Produced by Lukas Walther and Belanu at Audiolager, Bern Switzerland 2020

© Belanu Music

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