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Andrea Bignasca - Most Times [Official Video]

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Added on 3 December 2020

Lyrics learned how to run before I could walk bruising my knees on the slope by my house and you were somewhere in dreams of things to come weekends would come and go in a blur and I couldn’t tell you how or why I know it but hearts are meaner now I feel it in my bones c’mon, let’s go out oh no, I don’t want to tomorrow, I promise most times I don’t so I keep myself hidden and speak in softer tones hold on, I’m walking not sure, should call you? sometimes I’d hate it most times I’d love it rode by your house but I feared you weren’t home message on your phone almost rings as sad as a story from a book that nobody ever read it said most times I’m fine I’m fine fine most of the time I’m fine bruises and aches unseen, half-forgotten call me at night most nights I fight ‘em pain was in exile I fear it found a home
Keep Me From Drowning
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Andrea Bignasca
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Credits and thanks

Dedicated to my lovely sis, my pop (thanks for converting our old VHS tapes!) and my grandpa.
In loving memory of my mom and grandma.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Recording Studio.
Thanks to Matteo for the beautiful synth track.

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