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Untitled Polyend Tracker Jam

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Electro, Trip Hop
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Added on 20 December 2020

For those of you that know, i just got back into making music this year, after a 20+ year hiatus. The last thing i used was a Commodore Amiga 1200 with Protracker/Noisetracker. So this year i decided i'd learn all sorts of new tools and instruments and purchased all sorts of fun gear. And then Polyend comes along and releases a Tracker!? I had to have it! I received the Polyend Tracker 2 days ago. Started just playing around with it and before i knew it, i had a full track. Polyend , thank you so much! It's soo much fun to play with! Directly recorded into a Zoom H4N Pro. No post-processing and no further Instruments have been hurt in the making of this video.
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Sandro Ducceschi
downtempo, electronic, triphop

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