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02 Little Things

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Added on 8 December 2020

Stardust Crystals
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Unit Records
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Credits and thanks

All compositions by Yumi Ito
Recorded & edited at Hardstudios by Andy Neresheimer
Recording Date: 9.11.-11.11.2018
Studio engineer Aurélien Marotte edited and mixed in Paris and mastering by Zino Mikorey in Berlin
Executive Co-Producer: Swiss Radio SRF2 Kultur, Peter Bürli Produced by: Yumi Ito, Hugo Van Rechem, Aurélien Marotte Label: ​www.unitrecords.com

Yumi Ito – vocals, composition, arrangement, lyrics (Switzerland, Poland, Japan) Marina Tantanozi – flute (Greece, Switzerland)
Sam Barnett – altosaxophone (England)
Enrique Oliver – tenorsaxophone, bassclarinet (Spain)
Victor Darmon – violin (France)
Hugo Van Rechem – viola (France)
Jo Flüeler – cello (Switzerland)
Esther Sévérac – harp (Switzerland)
Izabella Effenberg – vibraphone, array mbira, crotales (Poland / Germany) Kuba Dworak – doublebass (Poland)
Phelan Burgoyne – drums (England)

I am glad that this album came your way. I wrote these songs to conserve the beauty of nature and togetherness. I sing to give a voice to those who remain in silence and need to be heard. In times of loneliness, despair and our environmental crisis these songs help me to remember the beauty which lies within being creative and sharing. Without my band it would have never been possible to record this album, thank you so much for your support and contribution in my music. Let's keep shining our lights to fight darkness. With each CD sold I will plant a tree via trilliontreecampaign.org.
Special Thanks:
Thanks to my wonderful band, my parents and my whole family, Margo Cadias, Slawek Plizga, Aurélien Marotte, Andy Neresheimer, Zino Mikorey, Gwilym Simcock, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Bruno Zaffora, Maria Jarzyna, Evelyn, Pradeep Chadha, Iago Fernandez, David Hohl, Tarek Schmidt, Moritz Widrig, Jensenshus, Art Attack, Efrat Alony, Lisette Spinnler, Jeff Ballard,

Guillermo Klein, Jazzcampus Basel, Focus Year Basel, Tina Margareta Nilssen, Bernhard Ley, Stoph Ruckli, Lukasz Polowczyk, Regina Weller, Harald Härter, Sebastian Till, Unit records, Pro Helvetia, RFV Basel, Erna & Curt Burgauer Stiftung, Gina Günthard, Primedio, Claudia Jogschies, Seline Kunz, Steff Rohrbach, Lukas Frei, Jazzcampus Basel, Peter Bürli, Schweizer Radio Fernsehen SRF 2 Kultur, Heiddis, Bergthora, Gardar Edvaldsson, Szymon Mika, Dalius Singer, Fabian Willmann, Santi De La Rubia, Oded Geizhals, Melina Rüeger, Erika Schmied, Chase Kuesel, Jonas and Anna, and many more. Thank you dear listeners for supporting me.

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