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In the dark of the night

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Added on 20 September 2006

Year of creation
Membran International GmbH , Hamburg

Credits and thanks

Cosmos would like to thank especially to: Sandra Moser (Sandee) for her powerful singing, Regula Kamber for her creative input, our crew: Daniel Zwahlen, Roland Moser, Philipp Kummer, Bruno Aeschbach, Stefan Burger & Barry Payten. Christoph Berger, Thomas Strebel, Glen Miller, Mischka Wettstein, all our friends at Hommage Musikverlage GmbH at Hamburg, Steven Clark, Matthias Harte, Jackie & Michelle Garrn, Daniel Michel from Showtech, Urs Frei, Centa Moser, Jürg Spielmann, Malergeschäft Fußlich, Chirel Oey, Ko:L from trespass.ch, proggies.ch and Pink Floyd for their inspiration.

Recorded in September 2005 at Backyard Studios, Bern and Greenwood Studios, Nunningen by Thomas Strebel, Mixed by Thomas Strebel and Reto Iseli, January 2006 · Mastered by Glen Miller · Photos & Artwork by Olivier Maier · Photo “birds“ by Katja Schobert.

2349 plays