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Take To The Skies

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Added on 28 April 2014

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Recorded December 2013 in Chur, Graubünden, Helvetia.

Anna Erhard (git,voc), Alexandra Werner (cello, voc), Anja Waldkircher (cello, voc), Lucas Loew (bass, voc), J.J. Loew (caj, voc)

Recording/mix by Yassin Mahdi


It's not the youth which isn't working
it's just your ideals growing old
it's not a whole lost generation
much more your life which is on hold

So break some bones if you feel uncertain
and once they've healed you'll love them more
tear down some fences on your way out
become the person we adore

oh we adore you

And since we know things grow with distance
go off and write some memories
to be long told to those who will never
become as brave as wise as you

Oh we fear for your love for us to fade
like lightnings we fight for your attention
we need you to take to the skies
to come back together we will rise

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