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Some People

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Folk/Country, Folk
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Added on 4 October 2014

Year of creation
Avalanche Music Management

Credits and thanks

Recording and Mastering: Silas Bieri Audioproduction, Malmö, Sweden
Promotion: Lautstark, Bern, Switzerland
Sponsors: Musikhaus Krompholz, Bern, Switzerland (www.krompholz.ch)
Guest musicians: Miro Rutscho (Bass), Bernd Dehm (Drums), Silas Bieri (Hammond, Piano)
Photography and Coverart: Noemi Szabo (Mimigraphie)
Special thanks to: Silas Bieri, Miro Rutscho, Benrd Dehm, Anna Emch, Kathrin Senn, Noemi Szabo, Monika Buser, Frank Lenggenhager, Alexander Steinegger

307 plays