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La Fin (feat. Via Libre)

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Added on 9 October 2014

CaramelBrown y Via Libre
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Colors Records

Credits and thanks

Composed and arranged by Juline Michel. Written and interpreted by Cynthia Othieno. Additional arrangements by Juan Avila. Rhodes by Juline Michel. Guitar by Theo Kummer. Bass by Eulicer Velázquez. Drums by Randy Meunielsimenste. Percussions by Francisco Garcia Hernandez. Additional vocals by Cynthia Othieno, Juline Michel, Victor Barrientos, Talienlys Avila & Yesel Latamblet del Pozo. Trombone arrangement by Juan Avila & Eulicer Velázquez. Trombone by Omar Alfonso.

Bass, drums, additional vocals & percussions recorded by Felix Riera at Estudio Sonocaribe, Havana, Cuba. Trombone recorded by Ramon Alejandro Arias Llaner at Estudio 70 Productions. Additional vocals recorded by Camilo Gidi at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Rhodes, guitar & vocals recorded by Theo Lacroix at Colors Records Studio, Geneva (CH). 
Mastered by Greg Dubuis at Studio du Flon, Lausanne (CH).
Executive producers : Lacroix&Eigenmann/CaramelBrown.

Special thanks to Noemi Michel & Juan Avila | In loving memory of Nagymama.

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