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I Bruche Zyt

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Added on 12 February 2015

Time For Myself
Year of creation
Freehead Records

Credits and thanks

kulturstiftung liechtenstein, dr. rudolf morant tumor- und brustzentrum zetup rapperswil,
krebsliga ostschweiz, krebshilfe liechtenstein (marion leal)
and private benefactors – for making this possible…
klaus pichler (photographie), caroline broglie and despina petric (deca fashion, zurich),
nadine elsener (hairstyling), sven fischer (graphic design, hangar entertainment gmbh)
special thanks to my mother and father rosa-maria and ueli, my sisters stella and mona,
my brother martin and my nieces and nephews, ottavio, pepe, chrisi, my aunts and uncles.
my love goes to larry woodley and his family in boston, david p. from hammerwood park (uk)
and a very special thanks and shout out to marita salz, vera achana – simply the best.
cora-guschti, corina, regine (backstageschool), heinznix, harish,
and to all my collegues and friends, you lift me higher
in closing...i dedicate this music to all people with all my love, bella

130 plays