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Vo Niene 过来

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Added on 12 January 2015

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Sound Service, French Part of Sweden

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Produced by: CLAUD & NVIE MOTHO Additional Production: JAPHNA GOLD Mix & Mastering: FLO SCHÄR Vocals: GREIS & THE CROWD IN BEIJING, SHANGHAI & NANJIN Additional vocals: PAMELA MENDEZ, Mc Hammer, Grace Jones, Aretha Franklin Guolai Singers: STUDENTS OF ALLIANCE FRANCAISE IN WUHAN Video cut and edited by: BLACK & WHITE STUDIOS BERN , www.facebook.com/blackwhitestudios Filmed with GoPro Hero3 by: Armen Djerrahian, fotografer & director, www.armenexpo.com Susanne Hofer, video artist, www.susannehofer.ch J.J. Flück, drummer, www.jjflueck.com Mariko Küng, buyer Che Congcong, tourmanager Grégoire Vuilleumier, artist Filmed on location in: New York Aruba Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong Wuhan Jinan Macau Chonqing Chengdu Nanjing Hangzhou Guangzhou Starring Dameion „Rhythmchild“ Williams Armen Djerrahian J.J. Flück Claud Congcong Xin Frank „Kiko“ Cabrera (Kiko & Boro) Jali & Peter Schneider Chantal Archambault & Myelle Epsylone & La Veuze The Chinese Youth 2014 Cazal Phanatics Worldwide Tourmanagement Switzerland: Nicole Roten & Cathya Leiser Tourmanagement China: Congcong Che & Xin

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