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It's Happening

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Added on 15 May 2015

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DKLK records

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Zurich based producer and musician Georg Bleikolm aka KnoR has perfected and tested his skills in combining instrumental and electronic sounds by initiating and collaborating in internationally renowned musical projects like Rizzoknor, Tim and Puma Mimi and Fauve.

In 2015, the "minimalist" drummer returns to centre stage with his solo project, presenting his new KOBOI EP on the Swiss Label DKLK records . After several years with a resolutely techno musical approach, the artist frees himself from these conventions. By adding pop elements to his productions, "KnoR" enables himself to explore a more personal dimension of his creative universe.

His secret garden is revealed on the track "It's Happening" where his voice blends with synthetic sounds to unfold onto a joyful rhythmic carpet. The images evoked are sober and violent, as demonstrated in the video clip produced by Berlin based animator Xaver Xylophon.

365 plays