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Un Brin de Passion Song by AlchiMy from our Album: Chercheur d'Or

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Added on 19 May 2015

Chercheur d'Or By AlchiMy 2015-2016
Year of creation

Credits and thanks

Remerciements aux Studio La Buissonne à Perne les Fontaines - France ou nous avons enregistré, mixé et Masteurisé notre Album: Chercheur d'Or.
Remerciements à Romain Castera ingénieur du son du studio La Buissonne, batteur et arrangeur sur notre Album.
Remerciements à Nicolas du studio La Buissonne, Le Gandalf du Mastering Pour son magnifique Mastering....
Remerciements à Alain Dumond, Guillaume Saurel, et Aris Potamianos pour le violoncelle et la basse sur l'album.

AlchiMy 2015 / Album: Chercheur d’Or / No 11 du CD /
Still here for You P 1/1
Temps 5M23,
Enregistrée en 2015 à Pernes les Fontaines au studio “La Buissonne” – France par les 3 membres du groupe AlchiMy nommés ci-dessous:
Loane: Auteur, Compositeur, Interprète, Arrangements musicaux, Guitares, Chant, Clarinette, Saxophone, Percussions, Claps,
Nathalie: Sous auteur, Compositions mélodies vocales, Arrangements vocaux, Claps, Chant.
Céline: Arrangements, Claps, chant.
Enregistrée à la Suisa.

Couplet 1,
I remenber how, you make me fell,
Through your eyes, I was someting,
My heart like thousand suns was shining,
I understood, Life is a gig whell,
You heard my laugh, you heard my cry,
Still it twill be happening,
Maybe in a very dirt maybe not,
Cause I am, human being,
But I know you’ll be here,
A hand open to me,
Cause in your heart, it twill be, clear,
This would be, a cry to plea,
This would be, a cry to plea,
Couplet 2,
I’ve made many mistakes in my life,
And I make others,
But it doesn’t really matter,
Cause now I am found and I am proud to be,
The one I use, to dream,
I heard your laugh, I heard your cry,
Still it will be happening,
Maybe in the very durt, maybe not,
Cause aou are, humain being
And I want you to know,
I always be here for you,
1 - Cause in my heart, it will be, clear
2 - Cause you are a part of, me,
3 - You are a part of me. fin

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