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Heidi Happy - La Danse

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Added on 7 July 2014


from the album
golden heart

heidi happy

c&p by
silent mode 2014


Year of creation
Heidi Happy

Credits and thanks

directed by
heidi happy

camera by
corina schwingruber and nikola ilic

assisted by
simon blum and doris blum

edited by
heidi happy

lady in white:
heidi happy

gentleman in red:
chrigu blum

gentleman in yellow:
domi huber

gentleman in blue:
ephrem lüchinger

song written and played by
heidi happy, ephrem lüchinger, baptiste germser and domi huber

lyrics by
heidi happy

mixed by
dave hofmann at soma studios, zofingen ch

mastered by
bernie grundman in hollywood, usa


doris blum
for organizing, running and motivating and for never mentioning the mess we made at your house...

simon blum
for your hard work without ever complaining and for risking your life and mutating into a snow man to get the best results on camera

chrigu blum
for bringing your wonderful family into the game and for coordinating everything

corina schwingruber, nikola ilic, chrigu blum, ephrem lüchinger, domi huber
for bringing all your patience, warmth and love into this clip

bergbahnen saanenmöser
for your full efforts to help us realize this clip without any barriers

stefan buchs
for being extremely generous and cooperative

herbert röthlisberger
for the special rides on the ski-doo

manu jans
for lending us your reflector

christoph notter
for lending us your camera

for these absolutely stunning outfits!

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