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Joe Hoster - First Paradise [Official Music Video]

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Added on 11 September 2014


I've been searching for you
too long unsatisfied
I've been thinking of you
way before we even met
Walk with you, walk with me
a gorgeous land called paradise
One day for you and me
I've been counting up
as many clovers I could find
I've been counting down
The one I couldn't miss at all
Dance with me, dance with you
A gorgeous land called paradise
First one out of two
Eternal life's willingness
Without your love
Would it be possible
All the way above
Without my love
Would it be possible
Just the two of us
First Paradise
Eternal life with you

Year of creation
Joe Hoster

Credits and thanks

Co-Directors: Wyler M., Bassegoda K., Nyffeler T.
Colorists & Special Effects: Sakowski R., Dyszkiewicz T.

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