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Stress (Video low quality)

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Added on 13 December 2014

Stress-Video pre release der kommenden 4. Cuasymodo "Galassia" CD die Anfang 2015 veröffentlicht wird. Weitere Infos auf www.bytronic.ch/web/Cuasymodo.html
Year of creation
Jürg Rufer

Credits and thanks

STRESS (Byell / Mandato)

Roman Byell: Drum, Percussion, Bass, Keys, Synthesizer
Lino Mandato: Vocal, Back Vocal, Chorus Keys
Nick Papadopoulos: Bouzouki
Toni Schiavano: Electric Guitar

Video produced by Jürg Rufer, dingo and fox production, www.dingoandfox.ch
Billard location: Choli Pool, CH-8483 Kollbrunn, www.choli-pool.ch
Special thanx 2: Xaver Clausen and team, Claudia Byell, Mike & Oli Byell
Rico Wenger, Murat Yigit, Markus Muoth

This song is recorded and mixed at
Bytronic audio recording studio,
Switzerland by Roman Byell
Mastering engineer: Patrick Müller, www.tonkultur.ch

22 plays