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REdLIE - Il faudra des années (pour se quitter demain)

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Added on 26 May 2014

Music & Words: Soren Mounir Lead vocal She: Lydie Briand Lead vocal He: Soren Mounir Played, arranged and produced by Soren Mounir. "Il faudra des années (pour se quitter demain)" On, se ressemble Beaucoup trop Et ça fait des étincelles Lentement Mais sûrement On va se bruler les ailes I'm into you Only you There's no reason to worry I am strong Come along I just want to make you see Je pense à notre amour J'y pense tous les jours J'oublie le temps qui passe ma tête entre mes mains Ton corps contre ma peau Te trouver aussi beau Il faudra des années pour se quitter demain I think about us too I think about the ocean I think about the moon Your hand in my hand If only it was true If only I had you If only I was wise enough And be your Man We, are the same So the same Is there anyone to blame Don't be afraid We won't fade I am here to make you see La, la la la Tu m'embrouilles Ma parole contre la tienne Toi tu parles Et tu parles Je me glisse sous tes draps...
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Soren Mounir for SMP

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Shot, written, directed and edited by SMP™.
With the assistance of Laura Gilli and Caroline Deveau.

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