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Right As Rain

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Added on 2 June 2014

TEARS FOR BEERS grooven richtig los. Mit frisch gebügelten Soulbrothers heizt die Band mit heissem Gangsta Blues ein, dazu eine geballte Ladung Blues Rock der in die Beine fährt. Bei Openair Festivals und Clubconcerts legt die Band eine ultimative Liveshow auf die Bretter. Den Zuschauer erwartet ein explosives Spektakel. TEARS FOR BEERS Gangsta Blues from Switzerland with powerful Blues Rock. The Rhythm & Blues Band have a lot of Liveconcerts in Clubs and at Open Air Festivals. Are you ready for the GANGSTA BLUES ? Lead Vocals: Bobby, Keyboards: Jeff Bailey, Guitar: Ray K. Cantina, Bluesharp: Dirty Harry, Bass: Benni Benjamin, Drums: Cello Al Dente. TEARS FOR BEERS Gangsta Blues Management & Booking: E-Mail: info@tearsforbeers.ch http://www.tearsforbeers.ch http://www.facebook.com/gangstablues http://www.facebook.com/tearsforbeers http://www.myspace.com/tearsforbeersch http://www.reverbnation.com/tearsforbeers
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Bobby Fischer & Steven Merkle

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Videoproduction: SKY WORK IMAGES St.Gallen, Steven Merkle
http://www.skyworkimages.ch. Camera Crew: Steven Merkle, Reto Fuchs
Soundmix: GATE PRODUCTIONS St.Gallen, Tibor Lörincz
http://www.gateproductions.ch. Live Recording: Eintracht Kirchberg
SPECIAL THANKS to all our friends, fans and everyone close
to our hearts who’s supported us time and time again.

2871 plays