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At The Prom

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Added on 30 May 2014

Singer songwriter SirJoe's new single "At the Prom" is a playful up-tempo song in a circus - Gipsy style.It rattles and clatters and, above all, there is his unmistakable voice on top of it . To unite the ball, a dream world, and this Gipsy sound to one piece, SirJoe worked on the video "At the Prom" together with the makers and creators of "Cyclope". The poetic, musical, dance spectacle in the sense and spirit of the artist Jean Tinguely. After the two radio singles, "Make it shine" with William White and "You're the reason", whirled across the country through the radios, SirJoe invites you with "At the Prom" for a dance through a dreamy spring night! NEW ALBUM OUT OCTOBER 2014!
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