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Manifest Hollowness

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Added on 8 January 2015

Hamburg's 'HafenCity' is the play area for human bodies to complete architectural clearances that are ment to be left clear. Spontaneous still performances are observed by an equally still digital camera. Inspired by a brief project first initiated by the director in 2002 in Lucerne and Willi Dorner's work. TWISK's song "Manifest Hollowness" (lyrics by the director) comments on the police's unreasonable restriction against personal freedom in urban space in winter 2013 in Hamburg.
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Martina Lenzin

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'Manifest Hollowness' appears on TWISK's mini-album 'Odd Lots', released on DVD + digitally, 21/11/2014.
'Manifest Hollowness' and all songs on 'Odd Lots' recorded at niedervolthoudini studio by Carl-John Hoffmann.
Performers: Tomma Brook, Karina Donis, Jul Gordon, Nils Rose, Lennart Thiem & Martina Lenzin;
camera: Carl-John Hoffmann & Martina Lenzin;
directing/cut: Martina Lenzin (it's a counterproduct!).

45 plays