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80 years of glory

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Added on 17 February 2015

our third song of our upcoming EP. shot in Berlin, Jan'15.
Year of creation
Claudia Kühn

Credits and thanks

the moment yes - 80 years of glory - official music video

Directed by Claudia Kühn

Script + Screenplay: Claudia Kühn/ Kerstin Lipownik/ Tobias Wolk

Camera: Daniel Bussmann

Editing: Jan-Timo Sonnemann / Caro Sonnemann

Producer: Kristina Kojundzija

Executive Producer: Kerstin Lipownik

Set Bunny: Mathias Harrebye Brandt


Björn Bugri
Mareile Möller
Hanno Raichle
Anke Westedt
Kerstin Cantz
Kerstin Lipownik
Christine und Frank Liebert
Katharina Küpper
Peter Foyse
Zbynek Cerven-Pheeney
John Pheeney
Mathias Harrebye Brandt
Katja Hoffmann
Claudia Kühn
Tobias Wolk
Jan-Timo und Caro Sonnemann
Atto Suttarp
Kristina Kojundzija
Antun Kaskarino Sucic
Aline Staskowiak mit James, Gustav und Klein-Emma
Birgit Weidinger mit Rudi

Special Thanks to bis späti, VebOrange and Heimat Berlin for letting us shoot in front of their stores.
Check'em out at http://www.veborange.de and http://www.heimat-berlin.eu :-)

Special thanks also to Kani Mani Bar and their beautyfull bartenders for embracing us with drinks and athmossphere after long cold days. Find them at http://www.kani-mani.de

And Special Thanks to Martina Wagner for the rings :-)

Find us at http://www.themomentyes.com for more info and music!

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