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Added on 28 February 2015

Every Song ist ein Hauch von einem Song. Gitarre und Stimme sind ohne Netz und doppelten Boden live aufgenommen worden. Es scheint als würde man die Kerzen im Hintergrund Flackern hören... Moritz presents a new song to his fans every month It’s 2015, and Moritz is back! Presenting his new sound in a series of 12 singles, he will reveal the secret of his next track on the last Thursday of every month. Together with guitarist Marcel Jeker from Bern, the young singer-songwriter from the Zurich Oberland region has transformed his musical talent in recent years, portraying real-life stories in his catchy songs and giving his music a rockier, grittier and an edgier sound than in previous hits such as “Can You Hear Me?” or “Piece Of Gold”. Yet one thing remains the same: every song oozes passion.
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Moritz Schlanke

Credits and thanks

Song: Moritz Schlanke, Marcel Jeker
Lyrics: Moritz Schlanke
Producer of the Song: Marcel Jeker
Set: Moritz Schlanke, Marcel Jeker
Camera: Matthias Schüpbach
Cut/Editing: Moritz Schlanke

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