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JOSH (Documentary Janine Cathrein)

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Added on 18 May 2015

This is a documentary from January 2015 about Janine Cathrein and her band JOSH. JOSH are Janine Cathrein, Vera Cathrein, Simon Cathrein, Paul Märki, Yannick Schmutz and Stefan Aegerter. http://joshmusic.ch/
Year of creation
Kaja Leonie Ramseier & Andreas Muggli

Credits and thanks

Directed by Kaja Leonie Ramseier & Andreas Muggli

Music by JOSH: Pure, Kingdom North, My Dear
© 2015 All rights reserved to JOSH

Camera Operators:
Kaja Leonie Ramseier
Giuliano Giordano
Andreas Muggli

Light & Sound:
Kaja Leonie Ramseier
Andreas Muggli

Sound Engineer (Live Audio Recording & Sound Mixing By):
Mathias Muggli

Kaja Leonie Ramseier
Andreas Muggli

Andreas Muggli

Cover Artwork/Illustrations by:
Anja Peter (http://www.anjapeter.ch/)

Stock Media provided by:

Archive Footage by JOSH

Special Thanks to:
Ivan Künzli & Rössli Stäfa
Hans Peter Gutjahr
Jey Tavernaro

Produced by:
© 2015 Studienrichtung Video
Hochschule Luzern
Design & Kunst

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