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She's Sexy Sexy (Blowing Bubbles) [w/ Greenhorn feat. TomE]

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Hinzugefügt am 8 Juni 2015

Christopher S & Greenhorn team up with Canadian Superstar Tom Corea aka TomE (Ultra Records/Sony Canada) for their collaboriation She's Sexy Sexy (Blowing Bubbles). Originally released as "Bubbles" as an Instrumental Club tune, the track made its way onto various countries hit-lists and DJs playlists and a much demanded vocal version has been written, performed and recorded by Tom Corea, known as the voice of DJ Antoine's international hit 'Bella Vita' as well as Bodybangers' 'Love Come Down'/'Stars In Miami' and Michael Mind Project's 'One More Round'. The bouncy and refreshingly innovative tune is bound to break the hit-lists all around the world; already signed to Spain, France, Benelux, Russia, Poland, Israel, Mexico, Australia, USA and Canada... so far... The track is the first tastemaker of Christopher S' forthcoming Album... more infos to be revealed shortly.

Credits & Dank

Director/DOP/Camera/Editing: VanRay - http://facebook.com/NolisVanray
Produced by VanRay Film
Executive Producer: Christopher S
Filmed at Soundville Recordings Studios, Lucerne, Switzerland - http://www.soundville.ch
Country of recording: Switzerland
Country of first publication: Switzerland
(p)2015 K-tel International (Switzerland) AG - All rights reserved

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