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Don't Litter IGSU

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Added on 28 September 2009

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Micromen feat. Macrogirl

Bam bam bam bip
Don’t litter
Bam bam bam bip
You know better
Bam bam bam bip
don’t litter
Bam bam bam bip
It’s not cool

Don’t you see
You make a big mess
When you throw that trash
On the street
Like nobody cares
What you do is bad

HEY stop it now
It’s not right you see
HEY stop it now
Keep our country clean

L - I - T - T - E - R Hey!
Litter we don’t need
L – I – T - T- E - R Hey!
It’s not cool with me

One two I’m talking to you
Three four litter no more
Five six don’t call it quits
Let’s keep our city clean

377 plays