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Aria for Aria G.

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Added on 14 August 2009

In and out of Atro City
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If you glide – right 'cross this doorstep
into this restaurant, tonight around 9 – just right after dark in your adorable summer dress.
If you glide – right 'cross this doorstep
with your 32 years in your heart, time would stand still – for me – my eyes 'n heart wide open, too, and a grand smile on my face.
Cos your beauty – it's so overwhelming
it even bends room and time
and your natural wit – so intelligent and charming... oh Aria – you are truly divine.
Would you like – to talk 'bout your passion for cooking or 'bout your favorite wine?
Would you like to talk 'bout your favorite book while we'd be meeting here to dine?
Would you like – to talk 'bout your modelling the excitement 'bout doing nude acts?
I'd just be honored by your presence
and by the time you take to share these facts.
(Repeat chorus)
Cindy Renee – this aria I sing for thee.
Aria Gee – ya wanna meet with me?
So where could I be taking you to
after dinner – pasta and wine?
We could be strolling alongside Lake Zurich and enjoying the stars in the sky.
Could I ask - you out for dancing
to move our bodies to exciting beats?
Party all night, and at daybreak have Breakfast in the romantic café with the cosy seats?
(Repeat chorus - End with: oh Cindy Renee, you are truly so fine!

258 plays