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Voodoo Girl - Miss Diamond DJ feat. Maniac MG (Radio edit)

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Added on 13 August 2010

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Miss Diamond Productions

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Is there a "Voodoo" spell on this house song, or why does your body move so magically onto the dance floor?
Born many ages and empires ago in a land now called Brazil, Miss Diamond DJ introduces the dense atmosphere of her unique and sensual spirit into your club.
Fusing fantasy with reality, stimulating every sense, merging sounds, visuals and vibes into a complete clubbing experience....wherever and whenever you listen to "Voodoo Girl".
Made to dance, made to rule the dance floor.
Before you know it, you are a servant to the mysterious DJ goddess some call "Mistress of sound".

Feel it out loud: "YES, THAT's IT!"

Read the full story: http://Voodoo-Girl.Miss-Diamond.DJ

106 plays