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NU:TRON - Rock the Beat

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Hinzugefügt am 16 Januar 2013

Synchrovision records

Credits & Dank

Written and Produced by Kid Real and Goo le Gooster for NU:TRON / Benz Publishing / Drumatics Publishing

Kid Real: Programing, Drum programing and SoundsLoops
Mr Goo: Keyboards, Programing and Drum programing

Goo le Gooster plays: Minimoog, Jupiter 8, Tal-Noize, Tal-Bass, Clavinet

Recorded @ Straightline Studio / ZH by Kid Real
& Chdb Lab / GVA by Mr Goo
Arranged, Mixed @ Chdb Lab / GVA by Goo le Gooster
Mastered @ Straightline Studio / ZH by Kid Real
Cover design: by Goo le Gooster

6 Plays