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Who are you to judge me? (feat. Phil POW Santschi)

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Added on 20 February 2013

Back to ska
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Mixed by Dennis Bovell (who also contributes 2 new songs to the album), "Back to ska" presents original music, written by Spahni and arranged by Dub Dancers, as well as intemporal classics of Jazz music interpreted in ska style.

Also on the album is Phil POW Santschi (HeartBeatBand feat. Rico, The Mad Lighters) with 2 previously unreleased songs.

From Ska to Lovers Rock and Reggae, Spahni's Dub Dancers play positive vibrations for you.


Daniel Spahni (drums)
Ivan Bessire (bass)
Cyprien Rochat (guitar)
Claude-Alain Biedermann (keyboards)
Phil Balmer (trombone) or Samuel Blaser (trombone)
Fred Stalder (trumpet)
Lionel Perrinjaquet (alto sax)
Amin Mokdad (flute, tenor sax)

496 plays