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I Don't Cry

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Added on 12 November 2013

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A Virtual Friend

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Written after several electrifying gigs in China, this new song reflects our perception of Shanghai’s exciting atmosphere. Boosted by the overwhelmingly positive feedback of our shows, we wanted to incorporate and share the incredible energy of the crowd in the creation process.

Another influence was the amazing work of our friend and talented artist Marc Mandril who transformed Shanghai’s buildings into giant and spectacular robots. On the cover, one fully-animated building is ready to annihilate humankind. Consequently, the lyrics describe the ambiguous relationship between humans and machines.

The song starts with a retro synth theme but quickly morphs into a strong beat and jumpy bass which will have the listener shaking from head to toe.

Many thanks to Lily, Cherry, Peter, Moon, Serge, Pascal and Marc Mandril Ferrario.

123 plays