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Added on 25 January 2021

25 Frames
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rock, alternative rock, alternative, coldwave, independent, post-punk, new wave, electronic, shoegaze, synth wave, dark wave

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Track taken from Q-7 three times debut longplayer «25 Frames».
LP & CD are available on bandcamp - get the digital version of the 10 track album on bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music & Co.


Photography by Thea Curtis



today is just another one
another one of these days
it’s almost as you can touch it
you can, you can taste it


just like this accident
that will never happen
this earthquake that shakes it all
and everything is still in place
but everyone is out of line


something tells you
some voice speaks to you
time to split
go someplace else
tired of this book
you’re so tired of being alone

so here you are
in this new place
strangers are always strangers
you can’t sleep in this town
but have your dreams
while you are awake


just like this scent
which slowly disappears
a reflection
of what it used to be
just like your scent
which slowly disappears
just a reflection


now that you’re away you wish
you where back there
the people, they are always the same
just other strangers in other rooms
connect the dots and draw
a new reflection


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290 plays