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"THAT'S WHY" - the movie

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Added on 29 January 2021


You most probably heard the song already some time ago, but now, to start this new year 2021 in a proper way, we are very glad to present you the music video for Cookie The Herbalist’s ‚THAT’S WHY‘.
Fully shot with GoPro Camera in Kingston and Negril, Jamaica, this gloomy, darkish looking little film, visually reflects the song’s lyrics perfectly and is now ready for your viewing pleasure!
Cookie The Herbalist wishes you all the best for the new year 2021! Stay real! And as the song says it:
“...Big up all mi true friends and fire bun a frenemy, mi cut off all di linky dem weh nuh really real to me, things weh dida worry mi cyaa worry mi again, nuh deal wid badmind so mi nuh keep dem kinda friend...”
by Cookie The Herbalist on all download & streaming platforms! Smart link: https://snd.click/FPimiOp4
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7OXJJ-_mks&list=PLzWcmrAuQZz6ht_GnInOTGuJVMy1DYyOr&index=124&pbjreload=101

Year of creation
House Of Riddim / Cookie The Herbalist
Sam Bahr

Credits and thanks

Song & Lyrics: Cookie The Herbalist (S. Raschi) Riddim: House Of Riddim (Sam Gilly, Manfred Scheer, Herb Pirker, Parvez Syed) Video, filming & editing: S. Bahr
Big thanks to:
Sam Bahr, Relikk, Neville & Nite Time Croxx Ent., Fawda Joe, £$P and all people involved. Thanks a lot to the city of Kingston and to the city of Langenthal Switzerland, for the continuous trust and support.
And most of all, thanks and appreciation to the real and genuine friends all over the world! Blessings & Respect!

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