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MESSINA - Iced Lilac // Video

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Added on 30 March 2021

ICED LILAC DO YOU WANNA TRY IT ON? 2021 is the year, when we name a love song after a sneaker’s color: Iced Lilac. Gifting trainers has become a true proof of love. Even more so, when they fit right. If they don’t, just send them back and order again. Maybe there are new colors just in. But last Wednesday’s tinder-date wasn’t that intriguing after all. Also, with a vegan it would be so complicated all the time. But at least, we once rolled our eyes simultaneously. In Iced Lilac, the protagonist faces his fear of commitment. And ticks the box for once. But only for the trial subscription.
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Year of creation
Lauter Musik
Byron Trieb
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MESSINA 'Iced Lilac' Musicvideo
By Byron Trieb
Art piece by Leya Tanner
Music production by Philip Harrison

Recorded in Winterthur on March 13th, 2021

In order of appearance

Raphael Weidmann
Gian Rosen
Nicola Philipp
Jonathan Labusch

Special thanks to street-files for the fits!


With the understanding of the things I state
and all the allegations and the claims I made
I drag you down, more than the ones I blame
I drag you down, more than the ones I hate

I’m a back-seat driver and I know it all

When you take my breath and I really don’t breathe
when I should be stronger now but that’s not how I feel
when you drag me down: it’s with what I give
When you drag me down, down, down: it’s me indeed

I know it all
I know it all
I know it all
I know it all
I know it all

From dusk till dawn
I’m a back-seat driver and a know-it-all
only you prevent from being dense and dull
I picture us together after all

In iced lilac you glow
I opt in, I know

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