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Space In Time

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Added on 8 April 2021

Space In Time
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Taxi Gauche Records
space, blues rock, americana, alternative rock, rockband, rock, band, zurich, choir, indie music, gospel, psychedelic rock

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Zurich-based band Tesla Death Ray announces with the single 'Space In Time' their eponymous second album, which will be released on May 14 via Taxi Gauche Records.

'Space In Time' takes the listener on a musical odyssey that hovers between rhythm and mantra'esk sounds, driving the listener onward with the raw power that only choir voices melding with soulful gospel vocals can achieve. All of this was made possible by the support of local choir Noncert, the backing of label friend Gini Jungi of Annie Taylor and Sonia Carmona, who brought in the gospel.

This song was inspired by bands like Spaceman 3 - who have always dared to take three simple chords and then orchestrate them into a wall of sound, as well as the Rolling Stones with their penchant for chorus and gospel in some of their songs.

The cover artwork is by label friend Sandro Raschle, mastermind, heart and songwriter of Alas the Sun.

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