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Mending Dreams

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Added on 19 February 2021

Keep Me From Drowning
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keep me from drowning, mending dreams, bignasca, andrea bignasca

Credits and thanks

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Recording Studio. 

Media and management contact: Radicalis GmbH
Kristina Hofmann: k.hofstetter@radicalis.ch

All photos by Vanni Gianinazzi.


I’ve been doing all right, lately
but I’m home on a Saturday night, safely
my mind an untrained dog on the run, lashing out
hurts and thoughts chasing me around, blindly

oh, the tide won’t hold anymore
as these dreams of mine
shatter on the floor

oh, dream me
a dream so fine now baby
that keeps the monsters
under the bed at night

‘cause wounds heal, dreams you mend

I’ve been saving these lines, lately
for a day far away and out of sight, I’m hoping
I think I couldn’t bear it all year round, this heaving
a thorn in the side of all that’s sound, just breathe in

oh, the tide won’t hold anymore
with these dreams of mine
I got nothing to show for

Oh, dream me
a dream so fine now baby
to keep the monsters 
under my bed at night

god knows I’ve been trying
god only knows 
god knows I’ve been trying
I thought it was dying
my beautiful nightmare

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