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All Or Nothing (official video)

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Added on 29 April 2021


“Coral reefs covered in plastic/ German woods dissolve in brown coal/ Megacities make you lonely/ Should one person make you whole?”

A beat making you dream of road trips. While you sing along with the Chorus, floating strings open doors to parallel universes to your left and right. Suddenly a voice is speaking to you as directly, as if she was right there: “Drawing borders step by step / Your own four walls you call your home“
In her newest single „All Or Nothing“ the Zurich based musician GINA ÉTÉ combines what many would not even dare to imagine: Skillful pop music and strong statements.

The clip by the young director Michèle Flury could not be more to the point: Two kids are scooting on their rollers through the empty halls of Basel’s Museum of Natural History. Fascinated by the unknown skeletons and animals they press their noses against the cabinets. Some adult visitors are apathetically standing in front of extinct species, not noticing that they themselves are already decomposing, bleeding, losing hair. Amongst all of this sits Gina as a nicely dressed wax figure in her home office and sings: „All or nothing, all or nothing“.
The Museum of Natural History had opened its gates for the crew as it supports the underlying questions the song asks each one of us: What world do we want to leave behind for the generation to come?

„Each country and it’s army say / we defend, say we must / Ever thought that we mustn’t / Would cities of iron turn to dust?“ You will hear it, GINA ÉTÉ’s unusual combination of personal and political into Hybrid Pop. Searching, stirring, intriguing.
Soundtrack for our time.

Erased By Thought https://linktr.ee/GinaEte
Year of creation
Michèle Flury
indie electro, indie pop, indie, alternative, triphop

Credits and thanks

Preorder Album Erased By Thought: https://linktr.ee/GinaEte​
Directed by: Michèle Flury
DOP: Simon Denzler
1st AC: Nefeli Avgeris
Gaffer: Sven Friedli
Montage: Christian Büttiker
Mask: Denise Stettler
Runners: Anai becerra, Aaron Wetzel
Catering: Luzia Böhni

Juna & Ira
Mettte Avgeris
Jorgos Avgeris
Aram Sürmeli
Philomina Chakkalakkal

Vielen Dank an das Naturhistorische Museum Basel für das Öffnen eurer Tore!
Danke an Point de Vue für das Equipment.

Das Album wird gefördert durch die Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien und dem RFV Basel – Popförderung und Musiknetzwerk. Die Promotion wird gefördert durch den Swiss Music Export.


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