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If Tomorrow Never Comes

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Added on 10 November 2021

Ocean Light Riddim
Year of creation
Dagga Music, Khal-El Records, Kung Fu Beats
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Dear Media Creatives
We are glad to present you "If Tomorrow Never Comes" on the Ocean Light Riddim.
‘If Tomorrow Never Comes” is part of a two-track release on the ‘Ocean Light Riddim’, produced and published by ‘Khal-El Records” in collaboration with ‘Kung fu Beats’ and ‘Dagga Music’, who brought all of them together. It’s a love song, which lyrics complement the Riddim with its romantic vibe and feel, while ‘Fling A Fire’ by Perfect Giddimani holds an energetic and fiery vibe.
The ‘Ocean Light Riddim’ is an international collaboration with its bases in Germany, Jamaica, Switzerland and the US. The Riddim draws the autumn mood perfectly as it is a melodic, melancholic and soulful Reggae - Riddim, which will give us some inner warmth even in the cold season.

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