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Added on 23 November 2021

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80s, electric guitar, songwriter, singer, synth, newwave, synthwave, synthpop

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Questions, they will come
Pressure has never gone
Feeling that you are here
Dreaming that everything is clear

Will I understand the answer?

What if I had no doubts?
What if my light went out?
Knowledge can bring me fear
I can face that if you are here

But first, I have to ask you some

Questions, I just wanna
Think about everything, I need some
Questions, I don't wanna
Spend my life being useless
Nothing has ever changed without them

And now, I have to choose
Which things I am gonna lose, something
Useless for You and I, something
Useless to live a happy Life

Are You so smart to find the right answer to the right

Question? Don't You wanna
Think about everything?, I need some
Questions, Do You wanna
Spend your life being useless?
Something always changes with our

Questions (x3)
I need them!
Questions (x3)

Questions, they will come
Pressure has never gone
Feeling that we're still here. Don't stop
dreaming that everything is clear but

There will always be unanswered Questions.


released March 21, 2021
Marco L. Nisato - Vocals, Clean electric guitar
Lyrics by Marco L. Nisato
Engineered and produced by Marco L. Nisato

Vocals and guitar have been recorded at Centro Studi Musicali della Svizzera Italiana - Lugano, Switzerland.

Artwork by Marco L. Nisato www.deviantart.com/marcolnisato

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