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♠️♥️♣️♦Gambling Night (Official Video)♦♣️♥️♠️

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Added on 3 January 2022


Rislane sings for those standing at a crossroad and for those hoping for better times to come. She invites you to play a new game, to throw the dice anew, to try your luck afresh - and even if you sometimes lose, not to let your head drop, but to remain optimistic. Especially during times like these.

We’re out on the road tonight
Neonlights paradise
We sip champagne on ice
Diamonds sparkle in your eyes

Oh and then you take me out to see the show
Ain’t seen nothing like it
Livin it up, feel the rush
Let it flow

Is it real
Or am I dreaming
For now i’m all up in flames

I’m levitating
my heart is racing
Let’s burn down this place

So you feel it
You can win it
Gambling night

(Lucky Hands delight
let’s take a chance on life
come with me)

Tonight’s the night
You know it
You can feel it in your bones

Can you take the magic
Cut the air
Win some lose some
We’re out to roll

Year of creation
Farfara Music
lovers, soul, pop, retropop

Credits and thanks

MAKE UP: Didi Narcisa https://www.instagram.com/didinarcisa/
STYLING: Sandra Augsburger, Rislane El Harat https://www.powderroom.ch/styling.html
DIRECTOR: Anonymous
CO-DIRECTOR: Giulia Varrone https://www.giuliavarrone.com
EDIT: Nico "FAMA" Bernasconi https://www.fama-media.ch
CONCEPT AND STORY: Giulia Varrone, Rislane El Harat

GUITAR: Marcel Ricklin
BASS: Andy Tolman
PIANO: Ephrem Lüchinger
DRUMS: Luca Ramella
SAXOPHON: Neal Sugarman, Roger Greipl
TRUMPET: Dave Blaser
BVs: Nyssina, Raphael Jakob
LV: Rislane El Harat

Recorded and Produced at Hitmill in Switzerland by Fred Hermann https://www.hitmill.ch
MIXING: Fred Hermann
MASTERING ENGINEER: Sascha “Busy” Bühren
MASTERING ASSISTANT: Laura “Zauberdame” Morina
MASTERING STUDIO: TrueBusyness in Berlin, Germany https://www.truebusyness.com

Written by Rislane El Harat, Fred Hermann
Lyrics Rislane El Harat, Becky Lee Walters

© All rights reserved to Rislane and The Lovers (Farfara Music)

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