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HXC (Hardcore)
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Added on 24 March 2022

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souls, hxc, hc, ephemeral, 2017, zürich, hardcore, melodic hardcore, homewards band, homewards

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Mastering by echochamber:


Light the fire and start anew
Passing through the valley of defilement
The blade in my hand is my only companion
Covered in mud it's slowing my pace
Wandering deeper inside the swamp
Overtaken by poison, vermin and plague
As i search for a glimpse of the sky
The truth remains covered by a lie
Free me from my alter ego
Hold my hand and feel the burn
Close the gate behind me shut
Nothing left for me to chase
Hear the demon inside my soul
My decaying body's pride
Cruelty won't leave my side
Ease the pain and make me whole
Even in this reign of misery there's still light to guide the way
Dear Astraea cleanse my soul
Lift the grip of darkness on my hollow bones
Ease the pain and make me whole
Take a look, at those forgotten ruins
Inside the frigidness of your unwholesome soul
And make one last attempt to save your brittle mind
As you grasp for the foreboding truth that lies within

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