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Language Is A Weapon

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Added on 1 April 2022

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your funny uncle, pop music, pop, electro, synthesizer, electropop, electroartpop, artpop, electronic, synthpop

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"Language Is A Weapon“ is a song about the power of language and how hurtful it sometimes can be. But it’s also an uplifting and energetic track. It’s straightforward and simply pure synthpop. The track has been released on April 1st, 2022 and is available through the usual streaming services, in online shops and on yourfunnyuncle.com.


Words can be so cool
When you’re playing by the rule
Talk is powerful
When it’s under your control
But just be aware
It might get you anywhere
When it’s in a fight
In the end no one is right

Language is a weapon
Hits you strong and hard
Sometimes leaves you breathless
Rips your heart apart
Language is a weapon
Use it when you can
Use it smart and wisely
Make your masterplan

Hey you, listen up
You are welcome to the club
No more bitchy talk
Let’s bring light into the dark

(repeat chorus)

Written and produced by Your Funny Uncle.
Cover artwork by Your Funny Uncle.

all rights reserved

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