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Place des Clichés

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Added on 5 May 2022


OY are back with a personal empowering song. The unique Afrofuturistic duo embraces us with bouncing electronica and French vocals for once.

“The way you look at me says more about yourself than it could tell about me”: Guided by vocalist Joy Frempong, the witty but trenchant lyrics take you on a stroll away from pre-conceived judgements and end the sonic momentum by prompting you to see beyond appearances. “Place des Clichés” is an invitation for togetherness and global awareness.

Year of creation
Nick & Chloé

Credits and thanks

Video credits: Directed by – Nick & Chloé
Director of photography – Corentin Kopp
Executive producer – Elisabeth Tran
Starring – OY, Gaia Avignon, Ophélie Lopes Da Costa, Cristiano Pesenti, Shay Delorme, Kalani Richardeau, David Fleury, Lola Basile, Killian Taylor, Jasmine Boughamni, Dayvine Da Cruz, Alexis Agnès
Choregrapher – Brigitte Augeline from Cre Scène 13
First assistant director – Marine Fréchon
Camera assistant – Ryszard Karcz
Editor – Joachim Veszely
Colorist – Corentin Kopp - Gregoire Giral (Soldats)
3D Animation – Moritz Reichartz
Motion control – Superposition
Stylist – Axelle Terrier
Hairstylist – Georgia Triantafyllou
Make up – Ping Nguyen
Assistants – Pauline Tapin, Chloé Bonté, Fabien Crespi

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