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Morning Air

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Added on 18 September 2022

We the Young
Year of creation
let go, change, magic, courage, new life, new beginning, longing, falsetto, wurlitzer, indie rock, indie pop, alternative pop

Credits and thanks

Lyrics & Music: Marcel Sprenger
Vocals & Keys: Marcel Sprenger
Drums: Daniel Eugster
Guitar & Bass: Martin Deplazes

Production: Marcel Sprenger, Daniel Eugster
Mixing: Giuliano Sulzberger
Mastering: Adi Flück

Artwork: Fabienne Marcolin

Guidance through the music jungle: Digital Wolves
Financial support: Stadt Winterthur, Cassinelli Vogelstiftung, Stiftung Yo
Made it possible to record our songs in a chalet: Amden Weesen Tourismus

What an incredible team! Thank you all so much for making this possible!!! 😍

16 plays